I Need A Little Help!

September 7th 2017

  On any given week I deal with many families. There is one area of our services that I would like to improve for you. Since many of you live a great distance from Sturgis, I think it would be helpful if we provided you with a list of contacts to help simplify some of the details you will have to address.

  In the coming days we will provide information including phone numbers, websites, addresses and other pertinent information for utility, phone, internet and other useful contacts. 

  When this becomes available and you see that we missed a resource,  please shoot me an email or call us.

Resource page.

September 21st 2017

  If you have a minute or two, please look at the updated resource page and see if there are other links we could add. Send me an email me or call if there is a resource you would like information on.